When investing in your property, you should be confident that you are getting the highest quality at the best bargain. So, if you want a new concrete paving installed and you’ve whittled your options down to pattern imprinted concrete (PIC), be sure to arm yourself with the requisite knowledge.

Let’s take a closer look at this paving material to better understand its applicability and durability.

What’s a Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

Pattern Imprinted Concrete -PIC – or stamped concrete is a high-strength, fibre reinforced concrete that is cast on site, coloured, imprinted to design and sealed with acrylic resin. It is a durable, high-quality and versatile paving concrete mix system. A natural alternative to brick paving!

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a popular decorative technique for paths, patios, pool surrounds, and driveways. With stamped concrete, your colour and patterns choices are endless so you can create bespoke designs for your patio or driveway.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, stamped concrete is not a paving solution of choice. It requires specialist tools. The pattern mats can be expensive. And imprinting requires specialized skill hence should only be done by highly skilled paving contractors.

However, this should not prevent you from having your beautifully installed pattern imprinted concrete.

At The Driveway Company, we have a highly trained team with a wealth of experience. Our Pattern Imprinted Concrete techniques have been tried and tested over time. We have continually fine-tuned and revised our paving application processes to offer our customers high-quality driveway remodels.

Why Choose Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

Choosing a driveway option that best suits your needs can be a daunting task. From rubber crumb driveways, resin bound driveways or bonded driveways to tarmac paving, the options are innumerably confusing. But with the help of an experienced Pattern Imprinted Concrete installer, you will be able to narrow down your choices.

Pattern imprinted driveways can be finished in a variety of patterns and colours and offer key features including:

• Is cost effective
• Suits any size of a property
• Adds value to a property
• Huge range of pattern and colour
• Won’t sag or spread
• Requires little maintenance
• Is weed free
• Non-porous
• Oil and stain resistant
• Moss will not grow on it.
• Is bespoke and contemporary

Common Pattern Imprinted Concrete problems.

The most common PIC problems are:

• Puddles formation
• Discolouration
• Cracks
• Inadequate drainage

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Installation process

• Subbase is installed and compacted
• Edging and drainage is installed
• Reinforced concrete is poured, screeded and troweled with colour
• The mix is allowed to set and cure
• Release agent powder is added- this is important for both toning down a base colour and imprinting mats removal process
• Printing using special imprinting mats.

Our selection of patterns includes:

1. Rick and tile patterns: Running bond, Spanish tile
2. Circle patterns: Circle decorations, compass decoration
3. Cobble patterns: Chesire cobble, Farmyard cobble, Lakeland weave, large cobble, London cobble, Old English cobble, Smooth round cobble patterns
4. Slate Patterns: English weave, Ashlar slate, Grand ashlar, Regal Ashlar, Large Ashlar, Small Ashlar, Opa Locka Pattern, Riven slate, Walkway slate patterns.
5. Stone & Setts: Random stone patterns, European Fan patterns.

Get a spectacular driveway in as little as 5 days!

At The Driveway Company, we have perfected our concrete imprinting art. By using specially created rubber stamps, we can lay a bespoke and highly versatile concrete drive in less than 5 days.

The process is simple and efficient which allows us to keep the installation cost down.

Our process is:

• Fast & Efficient
• Neighbour friendly
• Innovative special concrete.

Pattern imprinted Concrete Cost Guideline

Below is a guide to our pattern imprinted concrete driveway prices. For accurate pricing, please request a quote.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway – Price Per Square Metre (m²)
4m² Prices from £180
25m² Prices from £1,125
50m² Prices from £2,250
80m² Prices from £3,600
150m² Prices from £6,750
200m² Prices from £9,000

Call us today for a free no-obligation quotation for your dream driveway.